Become more sustainable

Ideas to help your business become more sustainable

There are many ways to make your business more sustainable but it can be daunting knowing where to start… and why it is important.

So why is sustainability important…?

With high levels of carbon emissions, rising global temperatures affecting severe weather events and depleting natural, non-renewable resources the negative impact of pollution is all around to see. To help reverse the damage and lessen our impact on the environment we must all make a few small changes- both at home and in our places of work.  

Fortunately there are a few simple, easy to implement steps you can take to help your business become more sustainable today:

1. Implement a recycling policy

For any business the first priority should be to implement a proper recycling scheme to help get everybody into the habit of recycling, reducing and separating waste.

  • Clearly labeled, separate bins for different recyclable materials (paper waste, cardboard waste) can be a great way to help encourage waste separation and recycling.
  • Encourage staff to take accountability for what they use with the aim to reduce consumption and waste. For example consider digital note taking; avoid unnecessary printing; reduce the amount of single-use goods your business purchases, uses or sells.
  • Cardboard packaging is an easily recycled material. Organise for a professional shredding company to collect your paper and cardboard waste to ensure it is correctly recycled – whilst also freeing up space in your office. As a paper merchant and disposal specialist, we can collect paper and cardboard and offer competitive rebates helping your business generate more value from your waste products.

2. Swap for greener alternatives

Swap suppliers for greener alternatives, such as stationary, packaging or something you use regularly for manufacturing. There are many greener, environmentally friendly alternatives available to buy from recycled printer paper and reusable coffee cups to packaging.

3. Reduce energy usage

Any reduction in energy usage will be not only help you feel good about contributing to a greener environment and a more sustainable business but will help your business save money as well.

  • Energy monitors can be a helpful way to keep track of energy usage throughout the day and to help pinpoint where energy can be saved or reduced… helping to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.
  • Old equipment and appliances often use a lot of energy. Checking your appliances energy ratings (A being the most energy-efficient and F the least) and upgrading when/where necessary can help reduce energy consumption…. as well as energy bills.
  • Encourage staff to ensure that all lights and computers are completely powered down at the end of the day. Try implementing a checklist of things to switch off at the end of the working day and have it visible so staff are reminded of what needs to be checked before leaving.
  • Offer flexible or remote working to help cut down on energy usage in the work place with fewer computers being powered up, less kettles being boiled and fewer cars on the road… every little helps.

4. Offset your carbon footprint

This is a quick and easy option that can really make an impact on the environment. Essentially you are compensating your business emissions by donating to an offsetting project that fights climate change and therefore balancing your business’s carbon footprint. There are plenty of offsetting projects available so have a search online for a project that reflects your passions or is relevant to your business.

Trying to get your business to zero waste is an unrealistic goal for most, but the more you can reduce, reuse and recycle, the better off the environment will be. So do what you can, where you can.

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