One of the UK’s leading paper processing specialists

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading paper processing specialists and we are proud to be the largest fibre processing plant in South Wales.

We are a family-managed business, and our vision is to provide a secure, customer-centric service with family values at the heart of it.

Today we process over 200 bales a day – each bale weighing an average of 1 tonne. That is the equivalent weight of a fully-grown Great White Shark! Our recent investments have equipped our facilities with high-tech baling equipment; state-of-the-art machinery – designed to securely process and/or destruct all fibre grades. Our facility is supported by a fantastic team of people and a fleet of plant vehicles that work tirelessly to process the huge volumes of waste paper and cardboard we receive every day – including 500,000 books a week.

Investment into the advancement of our facilities has allowed us to provide greater flexibility and a broader range of services. All our services can be tailored to our customers needs, helping customers generate more value from their waste products.

We will continue to approach the industry with innovative ideas and further investment ensuring the expansion of our infrastructure and service offering.

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