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The recycling industry continues to thrive owing, in large part, to an increased awareness in the importance of sustainable business practices and to improved legislation around environmental policies.

As both a waste paper merchant and waste management specialist, we can offer competitive rebates for paper and cardboard waste collections potentially making these collections a profitable transaction for your business.

How it works

Paper and cardboard are some of the most commonly recycled materials with over 70% of UK packaging waste either recycled or recovered in 2017 (DEFRA).

As both waste paper disposal specialists and waste paper merchants we facilitate the sale of paper and cardboard to industries across the world who convert it into new paper based products. More industries are using recycled paper and cardboard products than ever before as they look to meet sustainability targets, contribute to a zero waste environment and comply with government legislation.

Contact us today to discuss the current market value of your paper and cardboard waste and discover if selling your waste paper and cardboard could become profitable for your business. If your waste is not of value we may be able to offer a cost-neutral option for your organisation with a free collection service.

The Process:

  • We buy waste cardboard and paper at a competitive rate or offer a collection service for smaller volumes of waste materials
  • We process the materials using our state-of-the-art facility
  • We sell the processed paper and cardboard onto accredited paper mills across the world
  • The product is then transformed into recycled products

With our competitive rebates and reliable, efficient service and payment terms, we can support your sustainability targets and recoup some of the costs associated with the purchasing of paper and cardboard products. Contact us today to see how we may be able to make this a profitable or cost-neutral opportunity for your business.

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