Confidential Shredding

Organisations and individuals increasingly require secure and confidential shredding services…

To ensure compliance with GDPR legislation and to safeguard personal and confidential business information such as bank account details, contracts, health records, tax information and so on.

If confidential waste is not disposed of correctly and in compliance with UK law then businesses (and individuals) could be risking security breaches, identity theft and fraud, damage to the reputation of the business (or person), legal disputes and fines.

Our confidential shredding service guarantees that your confidential waste has been destroyed in a compliant, safe and secure way with enhanced security throughout the shredding process including:

  • All staff are highly trained, security vetted, uniformed and have picture identification
  • We are part of the British Security Industry Association (BSEN 15713)
  • We provide locked security containers for the collection of all documentation and materials to be shredded
  • Confidential material can be shredded on-site in our mobile trucks which are equipped with CCTV enabling you to witness the destruction of your materials before we leave your premises
  • All of our facilities are continuously monitored by CCTV
  • Option to shred confidential waste to 5mm
  • A certificate of destruction is supplied for all shredding undertaken

Confidential shredding services can be fulfilled via our on-site mobile shredding service (at your premises and under your supervision) or off-site at our secure shredding facilities. Depending on your requirements our services can be arranged as a regular collection or as a one-off collection.

How the Process Works

  • Secure, lockable bins are provided to your premises to keep your documentation and materials safe, ready for shredding. Alternatively we can collect bagged or boxed materials with our one-off collection service
  • Our uniformed and CRB checked staff collect the materials in the bins and load onto the secure truck. Materials can be immediately shredded on-site or transported back to our shredding facilities for secure destruction. The entire process is completely secure with CCTV cameras on board the truck and at our facilities
  • A certificate of destruction is provided to confirm compliance with GDPR

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