On-Site Mobile Shredding

Our on-site mobile shredding service provides a secure, quick and efficient data destruction solution at the convenience of your premises.

Our mobile shredding truck has the capacity to shred between 2-4 tons of material per hour including paper, files, hard drives, cardboard and more. The truck also has the ability to store over 10 tons of shredded material- by comparison this is as much as an African bush elephant!

How the Process Works

  • Secure, lockable bins are provided to your premises to keep your documentation and materials safe, ready for shredding. Alternatively we can collect bagged or boxed materials for our one-off collection service
  • Our uniformed and CRB checked staff arrive at your premises to collect the materials in the locked bins. The confidential data is then loaded onto the truck for immediate shredding on-site
  • Once shredded, materials are compacted into a sealed compartment within the truck. We guarantee security throughout the entire mobile shredding process with CCTV cameras on board the truck allowing you to witness your materials being destroyed
  • A certificate of destruction is provided to confirm compliance with GDPR
  • Shredded material is transported back to our off-site facilities where it is baled for recycling at accredited paper mills

Our on-site mobile shredding service is one of the recent investments we have made enabling our team to provide our customers across the UK with a range of flexible, secure and cost-effective shredding solutions. Our on-site mobile service can be arranged as a regular collection or as a one-off collection.

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