Paper and Cardboard Collections

We are equipped to recycle over 50,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard every year…

As one of the largest fibre processing plants in the UK we are equipped to recycle over 50,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard every year. We collect, process and recycle all types of fibre-based material, any volume large or small and from any location in the UK.

Our state-of-the-art machinery sorts and bales paper and cardboard ready for recycling at accredited paper mills across Europe and the Middle East and as a zero waste to landfill business we can guarantee that nothing ends up in landfill.

Whilst recycling your waste paper and cardboard helps protect the environment and meet internal and governmental sustainability targets, it is also essential that businesses securely destroy waste materials to ensure compliance with GDPR legislation (General Data Protection Regulation).

As both a paper merchant and waste management specialist we can offer competitive rebates for paper and cardboard waste collections, potentially making these collections a cost-neutral or profitable transaction for your business depending on volume and regularity of collections. Our secure facilities and processes ensure that private information is securely destroyed.

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