Dust Innovations Win

We contacted Fercell to help control the fine paper particles…

Investment into the advancement of our facilities has allowed us to provide greater flexibility and a broader range of services to our customers and we have committed to continue to approach the industry with innovative ideas and further investment ensuring the expansion of our infrastructure and service offering.

Earlier this year, we contacted Fercell to help control the fine paper particles that are generated through our paper and cardboard processing – an issue which has long been something we wished to improve. 

Our 60,000ft hangar, processes over 1500 tonnes of paper and cardboard per week and naturally generates a tremendous amount of fine dust. Fine dust particles can cause issues with our machinery as well as making for often challenging working conditions. The safety of our staff is very important to us and we felt a solution was possible. 

Fercell were able to propose the installation of a Weima 150 briquette press. By integrating a briquette machine to the existing systems, any fine dust created is converted into solid briquettes. The briquettes are created as fine dust travels through the machine where it is processed under high pressure to form solid units. The briquettes are fed along a pipe delivery system into a plastic crate. 

This not only protects and benefits our staff and machinery from less airborne dust but it also converts a potentially explosive material into an inert product which can be handled easily. Not only that, but our briquettes can now be sold as solid fuel for profit. 

Our drive to innovate and solve long standing operational inefficiencies will continue, watch this space! 

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